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This site is dedicated to TLBAA Registered Miniature Texas Longhorns for Sale by Silver Star Ranch and other Miniature Texas Longhorn Breeders across the US
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 Silver Star Ranch

Celina Texas located 50 miles north of Dallas is home to
Silver Star Ranch.  Founded in 2003 with our sights set to 
raise Texas Longhorns.  Due to the ranch's size, and through years of investigations, we decided to raise miniature cattle.  
Why Miniature Longhorns?   Mini Longhorns are easy to care for, withstand extreme temperatures and conditions and are known for their ease of birthing compared to other types of cattle.  They produce leaner meat and more meat per pound.  For a producer with small acreage thay are ideal as they eat less and their waste is less.  Mini Longhorns are also bred for sale and use in Junior rodeos and Junior Future Farmers of America (FAA).  As showcase pets on your property, their size is ideal and they are not intimidating as are their larger counterparts.  As showcase cattle on your land, in addition to making a smaller foot print, eat less and waste less, they become your pasture pet. 

All of our cattle are Registered with the TLBAA (Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America).

TLBAA Horn Showcase premiered the miniatures as a separate category in 2011.  One of our bulls, L'il Abner had the longest Tip to Tip horns at 52" at 2 & 1/2 yrs old. At the 2012 Horn Showcase he took the award again with 57.6 TTT and 66" Total Horn. Emilie Sue at 16 months of age won the Total Horn with 28".  
Our biggest achievement is L'il Abner - He is the FIRST and ONLY AI Certified Miniature Bull in the nation

We are proud of our stock and strive to always produce the best miniatures in the business. 

Winner Longest Tip to Tip Horns at the 2011, 2012 & 2013 TLBAA Horn Showcase

L'il Abner 


FIRST AI Certified Miniature.

See Bulls Steers and Semen sale for Semen for L'il Abner and from our latest Miniature Longhorn Bull
SS Micro Chief Romeo who is also
AI Certified . 
These are the only 2 AI Certified Miniature Longhorn Bulls in the United States

Largest Miniature Longhorn Breeder  in the United States

All TLBAA Registered


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